About Us

Mother Earth began in 1974 as a childcare center. The original farmhouse on the 2-1/2 acres was converted to house 60 children, and the back yard was a mecca for ducks, geese, chickens and the occasional goat or two. The original owners, Carl and Lucille Campbell, continued to grow the business through the late 70,s and early 80’s, adding on to the farmhouse as the need for additional space arose.

In the mid 80’s, another structure of 7,000 square feet was added with the intention of expanding the childcare center. However, individuals employed by the Texas Department of Human Services thought the new building would be perfect for an adult day care center, which was just starting in San Antonio. Lucille was convinced that serving adults with medical needs was the way to go, and Mother Earth Adult Day Care Center was born.

Due to increasing health problems, Carl and Lucille sold the Center to Steve and Jody Becker in July 1994. With four small children of their own, the childcare was a God-send, providing care for the youngest ones, while Jody and Steve worked to develop the business.

Despite their need for childcare, the Beckers knew that the adult day care was the wave of the future. They chose to close the childcare center in 1998, and renovate the building to house an even larger adult population. With over 12,000 square feet of space, Mother Earth is the largest day care center in the San Antonio region.

Mission Statement

It is the desire of Mother Earth to promote the participant’s maximum level of independence, maintaining or or improving their level of functioning through restorative and rehabilitative nursing care, providing safety and respect for all, while coming alongside the caregiver by providing support, respite and education.

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