Dear Mother Earth,

Thank you for the difference that you have made in my life for the last 22 years. Your programs have helped me in many ways. I truly appreciate the meals that you have provided. The daily breakfast, lunch, and snacks have all been a treat and a benefit to me. Also, the exercise classes, whether it is the pool or the nature walks have helped me to become stronger and feel better.

When I first came to Mother Earth I was in a wheelchair. Now I am walking with only a cane for support. I am also thankful for the help at I receive for the VIA bus rides to your center and for the foot care that is provided. I also want to let you know that I really appreciate the Chapel Service that we have every Thursday. In addition to these important items, I have enjoyed the kindness of the staff as they always put forth an extra effort to bring joy to our lives.

I have enjoyed all the activities that have been provided. Some of these include the following classes: arts/crafts, sewing and cooking. I also greatly enjoy bingo, videos, and the holiday parties (and contests). Thank you for providing the monthly calendars and the rest areas. Without you, Mother Earth, I would not have the joyful times, fellowship, and care that you provide.

You have been a blessing to me in every area of my life. Your really exhibit God’s love. So again, I say thank you.

Nancy V.

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